Adelaida Rewarded for the Great Effort in Job

She brought Adelaida a great reward for her effort a job as a chambermaid at the Holiday Inn hotel, a stone’s throw from Malaga airport. It was a one-month contract, but her good work and the excellent tourist season that the Costa del Sol was experiencing earned her to extend her contract.

She charged 750 euros for a little more part-time, a modest salary that for her was pure gold. Stability finally came into the life of this 34-year-old girl, allowing her, for once, to look forward with hope.

Also, the schedule made it easier for me to take my three children to school, explains the woman. Her situation was nipped in the bud with the arrival of the health crisis.

Tourism disappeared and, with it, as it happened to many thousands of other people, their work. “For us it was very important: My husband is ill and cannot work, so it was the only income we had, “she highlights. He could not enter ERTE because he had not quoted enough. Now he looks to the future with uncertainty and concern, especially for his 4, 8 and 12 year olds.

The number of Spanish households with all their members in active unemployment rose in the second quarter of the year to 1.14 million, according to data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA) published this week.

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