Poverty Situation Report Shows 2.2 Million People in Spain

Also that the growth of households with all their members without a job reflected by the EPA and, even more, without income, anticipates a greater severe poverty situation in which 2.2 million people live in Spain and a significant growth in inequality that increasingly affects the working middle class.

The Malaga Aida receives just 190 euros of the Minimum Vital Income because she takes into account her 2019 payrolls. “But now is when I need it most, which is compounded by the difficulty in finding a job”, says the young woman.

who does not even want to remember how The confinement passed, when already in the last section she was forced to request the food aid that different private and public entities organized in her neighborhood , Los Asperones.

“It was a very difficult stage. You see yourself without income, with enormous uncertainty and a lot of fear, ”adds Meritxell Moñino, unemployed, like her husband.

They have two daughters, ages 7 and 13, in the municipality of La Algaba (16,374 inhabitants), north of Seville. They also had to use social aid, in this case from the organization Save the Children , where they were helped both from an economic and psychological point of view, a support that is still maintained and which she considers “basic”.

Until the arrival of the state of alarm, Moñino, 33, worked cleaning houses. Her husband, Pedro Pérez, worked as botch jobs. They were never hired, but they needed the money.

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