psychological Level Everything Falls Apart in Exacerbated

She stresses that the number of consultations in public and private services “has increased a great deal” because the health crisis “has been a blow, even though each person experiences it differently.”

He says that when all the members of a family lose their jobs, and even more so if they are suddenly, they also lose their security. “On a psychological level everything falls apart,” she stresses.

The feeling of failure is exacerbated, generates stress, anxiety, discouragement and loss of hope, something that is also transmitted to minors. “The worst that can happen is that resignation comes.

This generates the phenomenon of learned helplessness, a state where the feeling that there is no way out becomes somatized and ends up affecting not only psychological health, but also physical health, “says Aranda, who is also a member of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid.

To try to avoid it, the expert recommends three guidelines: share what it feels like, ask for help and look to the future. “You have to be realistic, but also think that there is now a lot of social coverage and that sooner or later the situation will change,” concludes Aranda.

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