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Saxon Publishers to Launch 1993 Book Of Love

The most important of the Anglo-Saxon publishers of that time Peter Mayer Penguin’s world president was looking in the summer of 1993, anywhere in Europe, for an idol from his youth when he was recently in love.

By the coincidence of his work he was in El Escorial with other publishers and he asked if anyone would know there if there was a possibility of finding out the whereabouts of Chavela Vargas.

It was easy, because it was well known here that another legendary of the publishing house, Manuel Arroyo-Stephens, founder of Turner and of the bookstore that accompanied such a fruitful adventure in publishing history shared the admiration for that idol that May.

So with asking Arroyo it was easy to find the whereabouts of the once-elusive interpreter of A rare world , among other songs that she made pearls of life, love, and night.

Arroyo had given himself to that rescue and to those passions that Chavela represented just as before, and forever, he took care of José Bergamín or Rafael de Paula body and soul.

He combined these loyalties with an even greater one, the accuracy of writing and music, the art of combining rhythm and words to achieve synthesis of those that he himself gave recitals in formidable books that today are explanations of his indefatigable way of defending taste.

Mayer had attended in a Mexican cave one of the concerts that Chavela Vargas had given 30 years earlier in Mexico City, and that show had taken place at a time when the now powerful editor of Penguin believed he was facing the decisive love of his life Madrid he wanted to recover that memory.

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