Berlin Police Have Ordered The Dissolution Of March

The Berlin Police have ordered the dissolution of the march against the restrictions due to the pandemic called today in the German capital after observing that most of the concentrates about 18000 at the beginning of the mobilization did not wear a mask or keep the norm of social distance.

The authorities who plan to deploy 3000 agents fear the possible presence of farright organizations The EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides declared this Saturday that the reopening of schools should not cause a rebound in COVID19 cases Studies in several.

EU countries have shown that childtochild transmission in schools is rare and that the reopening of schools has not been associated with a significant increase in infections he said in an interview in the Italian newspaperLa Stampa this Saturday the ban on meetings of more than 10 people in all.

Catalonia comes into force except in the workplace and mobility when the community has reported more than 1500 new infections The Basque Country has registered another 866 positive cases in the last 24 hours the highest number of infected since the start of the health crisis although it was also the day in which more.

PCR tests were carried out In the world the coronavirus pandemic already exceeds 247 million infections and 837000 deaths according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

There are already 13000 dead in Catalonia which prohibits meetings of more than 10 people Catalonia has exceeded 13000 deaths from the covid since the first official victim of the epidemic died on March 6 which continues to advance on the day that the meetings of more than ten people in the entire community to try to contain the pandemic.

The notification in the last 24 hours of ten new deaths has raised the number of deaths in Catalonia to 13004 both confirmed and suspected of covid while the epidemic continues to rise and today the risk of a covid outbreak in Catalonia has stood.

Three points more than yesterday In addition in the last 24 hours 1547 new positives have been registered the highest number of diagnoses since March 27 at the peak of the epidemic although there were about 4000 PCR daily and now there are more than 16000 EFE

The Balearic Islands are asking for 100 Army personnel to reinforce the covid19 tracking tasks The Government has formally asked the Government for the collaboration of 100 Army personnel to reinforce the tasks of tracking covid19 in the community.

The Minister of Health and Consumption Patricia has sent the request to the Secretary of State for Health while thanking the State Government for the offer of 2000 members of the Army to collaborate in the search for cases of the autonomous administrations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic EP

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