Over 17 Dead in Spain Due to Corona in Past 24 Hours

One of the serious setbacks of the newspaper occurred last day 6 On the front page of the print edition it was said Deaths from coronavirus rise 17 people died in Spain in 24 hours It is not true Victor wrote me.

The error is very serious because the reader explained the figure referred to deaths in several days This is a mistake that the newspaper will soon correct Llano emphasized No it has not been corrected even though the claim was indeed false

Other readers such as Óscar Lores accuse the newspaper of publishing data in bulk without sufficient context while Jesús García Callejo complained on Wednesday that there are confusion between the daily cases cited by the newspaper and the new newspapers and confirmed cases from the ministry Luciano Alcalá maintains that the confusion in the official data makes linked statistics impossible

Daniele Grasso one of the heads of the newspapers Data area assumes that there is a lot of frustration over the mess and Kiko Llaneras from the same area concluded in a text in June that the Government does not hide the deaths but neither communicates them clearly

Is there an alternative when the official data is chaotic Alberto Cairo a world leader in data journalism and a professor in Miami believes that it has and that The New York Times for example has achieved this with a powerful team dedicated to cleaning filtering and normalizing data.

That team is part of Robert Gebeloff who on the 8th said that they and not the authorities have shown that covid19 affects blacks and Latinos much more in the United States than whites

The media of a giant like the New York Times are incomparable but Cairo sees an option collaboration between various newspapers state or regional together with experts epidemiologists biostatistics.

If it was done with the cases of Edward Snowden or Wikileaks remember Why not with this existential crisis It is not just about giving data but about creating data in a rigorous and contrasted way says Cairo.

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