West Hartford Police Arrested Two on Saturday Night in Connection with Shooting and Drugs

Two people were arrested on Saturday night in connection with a robbery, Police investigated a residence at 1195 New Britain Avenue where weapons and narcotics were seized.

Shawn Mora 18, who faces charges of theft and conspiracy to commit robbery. Another youth faces charges for carrying a firearm without permission, first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and shooting with an illegal firearm.

They also reported that a person with gunshot wounds was reported in the emergency room at the University of Connecticut in Farmington on Saturday at around 6 pm According to the victim, he said he was shot on Cornerstone Drive near Brookmoor Road in West Hartford. They reported that the victim went to sell drugs to the area and that at some point in the transaction he was shot.

The victim suffered no serious injuries and recovering in the hospital.

Shawn Mora was charged with $ 75,000 bail and will see a judge this Monday. The other young person who has not been identified has a bail of $ 250,000 and was taken to a detention center in Hartford, The case is still under investigation said West Hartford Police.

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