An African-American Democrat wins over a veteran congresswoman

The old Democratic Guard in the United States does not win for surprises. This time the coup de grace came from Massachusetts, where aspiring Ayanna Pressley won in the primary the veteran Michael Capuano, who has ten mandates representing his district in Congress.

At the age of 44, the councilor of Boston becomes the first African-American of the elected State to occupy a seat in the House of Representatives.

The one of Ayanna is a double victory because it will not have republican rival in the legislative ones of November. The seventh district of Massachusetts is one of the most progressive in the country and was represented in the past by John F. Kennedy.

It is a situation similar to that of the New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio, who has practically won the vote in New York, where the Conservatives have no option in the Bronx and Queens.

Capuano was especially vulnerable in these Democratic primaries, despite having been undefeated for 20 years. First, because Pressley’s candidacy gained strength as the liberal’s turn to the left took shape.

Second, she played against the low turnout after a three-day weekend for Labor Day. And third, because a few years ago the district lines were redrawn.

Pressley was already the first black councilor in the Boston city council. An activist as Ocasio Cortez exposed during the campaign the difficulties she had in life. “People who are closer to suffering must be closer to power,” says their slogan. Curiously, Capuano is also considered one of the most progressive Democrats in Washington.

In the district that Ayanna will represent, white residents are a minority. The future congresswoman says she will use her seat to bring new energy to Washington and highlight the needs of economically and socially lagging families. The fact that there was no Republican rival could cause the affiliates to bet this time for a new face.

Ayanna grew up in Chicago. she was raised by his mother while the father was in prison. she moved to Boston to study at the university. She later worked for Congressman Joseph Kennedy II and later became political director for former Senator John Kerry. With his victory, many of his political allies hope that it will become a wake-up call for Democrats by 2020.

The activist seeks to reactivate the insurgent movement in the Democratic ranks, so that the party bases understand that there are other voices that can lead to change and stand up to the policies of the Donald Trump Administration. Pressley, who has been mayor of Boston for eight years, is the second Democrat to defeat a veteran member of the House of Representatives.

At the end of June Alexandria Ocasio-Córtez did it before Joseph Crowley, who also had ten mandates in the Capitol. It is not just a moment of special enthusiasm for the most progressive groups, also for the colored democrats. Stacy Abrams can make history if she wins the race to govern Georgia.

Added to the list are Lauren Underwood in Illinois, Jahana Hayes in Connecticut, Ilhan Omar in Minnesota and Lucy McBath in Georgia, nominated to represent their districts.

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