Snake Bites on Pets are increasing in Hartford

They may not be common but there are poisonous snakes in our state and snake bits on pets are increasing in Hartford there are over one thousand snake bite cases are registered every year in Hartford.

Recently a Golden Retriever got bitten by a Copperhead snake on Tuesday Morning. It is the time when the leaves begin to fall, covering the ground where the snakes could hide and the owner of the dog says that this is what happened, neither he nor his dog saw the snake Copperhead.

Chappy is a 13-month Golden Retriever who takes a walk with his owner almost every day. This curious dog sniffed in the morning when he found a Copperhead snake and immediately thought “it’s poisonous,” said Tim Lynch, owner of Chappy.

The dog was bitten in the face by the snake, immediately its owner took a picture of the reptile and then went to a veterinarian where the condition of the dog worsened.

He had a small bite on his lip, which then swelled more, affected his face.

Lourie Yelton, Doctor.

The worst was that the doctors said they did not have an antidote available. “We do not maintain it routinely, fortunately, snake bites are infrequent enough,” Yelton said.

Connecticut is home to Copperheads and rattlesnakes, both poisonous. Rattlesnake bites are more powerful, but Yelton said that because Chappy is bigger, the impacts were not as severe.

These bites could endanger the lives of smaller animals. “The bite causes local damage and swelling and, in some cases, the death of the skin around the area of the bite,” Yelton said. Lynch says that instead of spending $ 500 on antivenom that would come from UConn, Yelton treated Chappy with an intravenous drug equivalent to Benadryl.

Two days later with a small puncture wound, Chappy was once again a curious dog but now with a more vigilant owner. “We’re looking for bears and this is more dangerous,” said Lynch. Yelton said the Lynch family did the right thing took a photograph of the snake to document it and then went to a hospital for the pet to be evaluated.

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