Great White Shark Attack Causes Death of a Young Man in Massachusetts

Sharks are rising more in the United States. A man has died this Saturday in what police have described as “possible shark attack” on Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, a tourist town located on the Cape Cod Peninsula of the US state of Massachusetts.

The prosecutor of the district of Cape Cod has confirmed that the cause has been the shark attack, informs ABC , while the local media talk about a great white shark. It is the first death produced by a shark in the state in 82 years.

The victim, who has been identified as Arthur Medici, 26 years old and a resident of Revere, in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, was practicing bodyboard – sliding over the surface or wall of the wave with a board, when he suffered the attack on the twelve and a half in the morning local time this Saturday, according to several witnesses.

The young man has died from his injuries at the Cape Cod hospital after being rescued from the water by the emergency services, which they tried to revive without success, according to local police Wellfleet said in a statement. He suffered “significant injuries to the lower extremities,” a lifeguard told The Cape Cod Times. A swimmer recorded and spread on Twitter the moment in which lifeguards and emergency personnel took the injured from the beach on a stretcher.

“According to the information we have, the highest probability is that it is a great white shark, I can not think of any other species that is capable of doing this”

Massachusetts Attorney

He told local newspaper Gregory Skomal, shark researcher in the Division of Marine Fishing of Massachusetts.  The Massachusetts Attorney’s Office and the State Police are investigating what happened and the beach has been closed to the bathroom for at least 24 hours

According to the online database, there was no death of a person due to the attack of a shark in Massachusetts since 1936. Last August, a man from New York, William Lytton, was bitten by a specimen on another Cape Cod beach but he survived.

“The city of Wellfleet is saddened by this tragedy, we send our condolences to the family and friends of this young man, we share the grief and pain they feel, and we thank family, friends, beach staff and bathers for their first response and his brave struggle to save his life, “the local authorities said in a statement.

On the beach of Newcomb Hollow, signs forbidden bathing and warning receive visitors. The signs advise avoiding swimming in deep water or surfing in a group. “The coastal waters off Wellfleet are a feeding ground for the great white sharks,” he warns. “They come to feed on seals, great white sharks are predators and should be considered dangerous, encounters with sharks are rare, but please be alert,” he adds.

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