HFPG Announces Campaign to Create Awareness about Voting Right

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG) has launched an initiative for the Hartford area. Unfortunately, more and more people are eligible to vote and do not participate in the electoral process.

It is no surprise to anyone that young adults, Latinos, African-Americans and people living in high-poverty areas are among those least likely to participate in federal, state and local elections. This is an effort to increase the participation of these communities

Following a call, HFPG awarded thirteen grants totaling $ 116,565 to non-profit organizations dedicated to informing and attracting underrepresented residents throughout Hartford.

All organizations recently participated in an orientation session of the Office of the Secretary of State and the Community Nonprofit Organization of Connecticut.

The Alliance where they received training on participation guidelines (non-partisan) and how to attract more voters.

In addition to educating and registering residents to vote in the upcoming November elections, organizations will also find ways to integrate civic and voter participation activities.

“The voice of the community and participation in the electoral process are vital to create and maintain more vibrant communities,” said HFPG President Jay Williams. “As a community foundation for all of Hartford, we believe we have a very important role to play in helping local non-profit organizations to offer educational and outreach efforts that encourage people to register, learn about the issues that affect them and cast your vote on the day of the elections.

This is only part of a long-term effort to empower the residents of our region, particularly those who often feel excluded from important conversations about issues that affect their community. ”

The HFPG will further support the work of these organizations by launching a targeted advertising campaign throughout the fall.

This effort includes a partnership with the regional public access channels that are interviewing local residents about their hopes and concerns, which will be presented in the advertising campaign.

In addition, the Foundation will collaborate with other philanthropic organizations engaged in similar activities throughout Connecticut.

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