Drone Boats that are Filled with Explosive are the New Weapons in Global Terrorism

A boat that docked near the Jazan Port in Saudi Arabia on January 14, 2010 was reposted.

The drone boat was filled with explosives and has been reported to launch attacks against Saudi Arabia at the sea. The Saudi Royal navy had to boats intercepted on Sunday.

The two boats were filled with explosives that travelled towards the country’s major port Jazan which is located in north of Yemen.

On Saudi border, the guards said that they have rescued a Saudi fishing boat that came under unknown attack at the Gulf waters, on Tuesday.

Experts have also expressed their concerns at the Yemeni rebel group of accessing the remote type of weaponry. The drone controlled boats and filled it with explosives and was reportedly used for at least one attempt attack on Saudi Arabia this week.

Al-Malaki warned that coalition forces “will strike with iron fist all those involved in acts of terrorism.”

“Those hostile acts will not go by without holding the ones executing, plotting and planning them accountable for their actions.”

According to guards on border, there were three fishermen injured on board when they were being treated of the injury and an investigation is underway for the attack. Regional forces have intercepted many boat attacks over last year.

Commander, Vice Adm. Kevin Donegan of Bahrain-based US Fifth Fleet said this to defence news last year that the concern over Yemeni rebel group for having an access to the report type of weaponry.

“That’s not an easy thing to develop, there’s clearly support there coming from others, so that’s problematic,” he said.

He also added that explosive boats create as a new category for self-destructive attacks. “You don’t need suicide attackers to do a suicide-like attack.”

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