Cereals can Help in keeping diabetes away

Cumin is an antidiabetic spice. It contains an active chemical component called thymovine, which prevents pancreas’s B-cells from oxidative stress. It also helps to increase the production of insulin in the body, which helps keep your blood glucose in control. A study has shown that cumin is more beneficial for those who are overweight. It has the ability to fight diabetes for a long time.

Diabetes damage the body cells through advanced body glucration and products (AEG), which can damage eyes, kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels with aging.

According to the test-tube study, black cumin prevents directly from building this Advanced Glycation end products (AGE). According to a 2010 study, two grams of cumin seeds per day reduce blood glucose, two hours after eating glucose, and HbA1c.

Use of cumin: Pour powder of roasted cumin seeds in lentil, curd or salad can be eaten. On the other hand, you can drink a glass of cumin juice half an hour after eating it, this helps keep blood glucose in control. Before using cumin, doctor’s advice may be taken. If you are already taking diabetes medicine then you should avoid this remedy. Because high intake of cumin may cause low blood glucose or hypoglycemia.

Skin disease: The use of cumin in skin diseases can be quite relief. Cumin water is used. It may remove itching.

Diarrhea: In the curd, it helps in diarrhea by mixing cumin seeds and black salt mixed with curd.

Lack of blood: Cumin is the best source of iron, which can also reduce blood loss due to eating regularly.

ACDT: To get immediate relief from ACD, eating a pinch of raw cumin provides relief.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, cumin can be helpful in facilitating the female reproductive system by reducing inflammation of the uterus.

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