Five Million Plus User Database Hacked

After Facebook,


Opnow Google Plus will close its consumer version considering the possibility of a burglary in the data of five million users.

It is said that a bug was being spied in its system for the past two years. The company wrote in a blog Monday that it was corrected after the bug was detected in March this year in March.

The blog also states that there is no evidence of tampering with user data. Neither the maker of this bug has misused them.

However, after the news came out, shares of Google Plus’s parent company Alphabet Ink fell 1.5 percent. Earlier, Google had decided not to disclose this matter due to fear of a regulator scrutiny.

Google said that he has reviewed this matter and thoroughly examined whether there is any evidence of misuse of user data or not.

But eventually he found that there was no evidence of burglary and no developer was aware of this bug.

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