Michael Horrific storm of the century in America

Six people have died due to Hurricane Michael in Florida’s coastal areas. Hurricane Michael’s approach has moved from the eastern part of Virginia to the Atlantic.

Due to the tremendous storm surge on Mexico coast, many houses were damaged, boats overturned and damaged electric wires.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said that due to the storm there has been a devastating waste and this is about helping people who did not pay attention to the orders to withdraw from there.

President Donald Trump has said that people affected by the storm will be helped. The US military said more than 2,000 soldiers of the Florida National Guard were engaged in relief operations.

The death of six people has been confirmed due to the storm. Four in Gadsden County in Florida, one in Georgia and another in North Carolina, a person has died.

On Wednesday afternoon came the storm of Michael Hurricane Category IV. This is the worst storm that came in the past century in the northwestern Penhandal of Florida.

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