Scientists are successful in creating 29 healthy mice from DNA

Scientists have succeeded in raising rats with two rat genes without a rat. Scientists enthused by this new experiment say that it creates hope for those gay couples who want their own biological children.

In China’s Beijing, the scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, succeeded in giving birth to 29 healthy mice with DNA taken from two chicken eggs.

During this entire process the male rat sperm was not needed. The good thing is that these little mice became adults completely without any difficulty completely healthy and later they themselves became fathers. Scientists say that this technique will prove to be effective for gay people one day.

Experts say that with the use of changes in genes of rats and the use of stem cells, this technique can be helpful in understanding mammalian biology.

Doctor Theresa Homes of the University of Auckland was not involved in this study, but she is excited about it. They say that it will help to understand genetic imprinting. This will enable future children to be born with DNA of gay couples in the future. According to researchers, adopting modern genetic techniques can overcome obstacles.

Scientists used ‘Haploid’ stem cells to produce a child from joints of the same gender. In this cell, the number of chromosomes in general is half.

In spite of having the same sex, the potential of childbirth is in many species. Some species of reptiles, amphibians and fish have the ability to produce offspring with same gender. But it is difficult for mammals. This is because if genes do not have DNA of women and men, then some genes stop developing.

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