US declares to be outside of United Nations Human Rights Council

The United States announced on Tuesday the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). America’s Ambassador Nicky Haley accused the Council of political bias against Israel. Haley said that countries such as Russia, China, Cuba and Egypt stuck to its efforts to improve its council. America has long been seeking 47-member council reforms.

Defense Minister Mike Pompey was also present along with Heli in the announcement made by the US Department of Defense. Heli also accused the council of actually defending human rights violations. They claimed that the misuse of human rights will continue to do their jobs and they will continue to be elected in the council.

Referring to countries like China, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela, Haley said that there are several members in the council who do not even respect the basic human rights of their citizens, but the Council continually makes a scapegoat to those countries whose human rights issues The record is better, so that they can remove the attention of the world from those who break it.

Separation of children from the parents on the Mexican border has come after the allegations of the High Commissioner of Human Rights Rights, in which the wrongdoing of the separation of parents from the parents of the children on the Mexican border Was told. Many human rights organizations accuse Trump of not being involved in foreign policy on human rights.

States was a member of this 47-member council for three years, separated from the third major agreement in the Trump term . However, his one-and-a-half year term was completed. The news came only last week that the demands of reform of the US Council were not considered. After this it was believed that the US would leave the council. This is the third time after the Paris climate and the Iranian nuclear deal, when the US has separated itself from a multilateral agreement.

US decision UN Secretary Antonio Guterres spokesman Stephen Duzarik said, “The Secretary-General would have preferred to be in the United States Human Rights Council, the United Nations Human Rights Framework protects and promotes rights around the world.”

Let America know that the United Nations has been a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council for three years. This council had just completed one and a half years of America. The news came in the past that the reforms in the council had not been agreed and the demands of the US were not considered.

From then on it was coming to the news that the US would withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council. The formal announcement of the withdrawal of this Council of America had ceased, which has happened today.

America also boycotted the Human Rights Council for three years during the reign of former President George W. Bush, but after becoming President of Obama, he joined the Council again in 2009.

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