Trade War Deal, China Not Ready Or US?

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Trade war deal, China not ready or US? President Donald Trump declared that due to the pressure of policies made by the US, China was seeking a trade deal with him. This remark by President Trump was made, after Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the US said while being interviewed by Washington-based National Public Radio, that his country was “ready to make a deal” to end the dispute. “We are ready to make some compromise.”  But President Trump told reporters at the White House, “I told them a week ago, they want to come in, they want to make a deal, I said, you’re not ready to make a deal. China wants to make a deal. China would love to make a deal. I don’t think they’re ready yet.”

Why Does President Trump Think So?

Why does the President of America feel this way about China? In the past 6 months, tariffs amounting to a whopping US$ 250 billion were imposed by the US on China, on the import of products. Worse still, President Trump has threatened that he will add more tariffs. President Trump was asked about this and he said, said: “Sure, absolutely.”

So, now that China is willing to make a trade deal, why does President Trump refuse to do so? Why does the President of the United States of America feel that China is not yet ready to make a deal? President Trump says, “I just don’t think they’re ready yet. They’ve made too much money for too long. What they’ve done to our country is take out anywhere from USD300 billion to USD500 billion a year… I have great respect for China and for President Xi in particular. We’ll probably make a deal, but I don’t think they’re ready.” Trump said.

What Does China Have To Say?

Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the US said, “The US position keeps changing all the time, so we don’t know exactly what the US would want as priorities.” The Chinese ambassador to the US said that China was ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that the US’ trade deficit with China was reduced.

Cui Tiankai said, “We had some tentative agreement between the two working teams, then just overnight the tentative agreement was rejected and the demand from the US changed,” Cui said. “So this is very confusing.”

Theft By China?

According to President Trump, trade between the USA and China is not at all fair. President Trump has also gone as far as to accuse China of intellectual property theft.

President Trump says, “You know, we’ve gained US $11 trillion in worth. China has lost many trillions of dollars. We’ve gained US $11 trillion in worth. So we’re, by far, the strongest military… in the world. And economically, we blow everybody away,” he asserted.

The Strongest Country In The World Today?

Since Mr. Trump took over the reins of the United Sates of America, economically, America has now become the strongest country in the world. As far as China wanting to make a deal with America on the trade war goes, President Trump says that it has to be a two way street, before he would sign any deal.

“We can’t have a one-way street. It’s got to be a two-way street. It’s been a one-way street for 25 years. We’ve got to make it a two-way street. We’ve got to benefit also, OK?” President Trump said.

The Impact Of The US China Trade War

There are no signs that the trade war between the United States of America and China could come to an end, anytime in the near future. The result of this could be disastrous for the world. It is forecasted that this trade war between these two giants, will result in the decline of economic growth this year, on a global scale and in the year 2019 as well.

China has now accused the US of, “Holding a knife to our neck”.

President Trump says he is ready to impose more tariffs on China, “If China takes retaliatory action against our farmers or other industries.”

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