Marijuana Now Legal In Canada with Terms and Conditions



Marijuana is now legal in Canada. Now the peoples have right to buy, carry and share upto 30 grams or near about 30 grams of dried weed at once. 30 grams of weed is the enough quantity roll 60 joints. But wait, there is some terms and conditions on carrying and use of the Marijuana.

Here is what you have to know before carrying the weed.

  1. You must to be 19 or greater than 19 years old to buy, carry and consume the weed.
  2. There is online legal retailers shops to purchase weed and they also delivered to an address in Canada with signature of and adult with legal age. There is also some number of shops is about to open and opened already, where weed can buy easily.
  3. There are some rules and regulations and border limits to sale the weed with wide varieties of weed. There is variety of price tags also depends on the locality and borders of Canada.
  4. Terms and conditions also included some rules to follow while smoking the weed. Public consumption of weed varies by local jurisdiction. No on can smoke weed publicly. Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador , Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan is the banned place to smoke the marijuana.
  5. Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario allow to smoke marijuana publicly.
  6. There is illegal to smoke and drive the weed in Canada.
  7. Travelers are banned to bring cannabis with them to united states of America.

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