A 47-year Old Man Passes Away at Prentiss Site; OHS to Investigate the Incident

According to the statement of dow Canada, an employee breathe his last breath at the Polythene plant of the Firm close to the Red Deer. The Company stated that the incident took place during the noontime on 24th October, Wednesday at the Company’s Prentiss location. Though the Company did not provide any sort of additional information regarding the worker died and the job he was engaged in yet the people are still inspecting what exactly occurred that led to the sudden death of the worker.

As per the recent sources, Alberta Occupational Health and Safety are trying their best possible efforts to find out the reason of sudden fatality of the worker. The OHS group confirmed the age of the worker to be 47 years and that he was already declared dead at the sight.

Though the exact timings and details of the incident aren’t yet drawn, research suggests that the fatality took place somewhat around October 23, 9:30 pm to October 24 12:30 am, according to Alberta Occupational Health and Safety group. However, the investigation about what the worker was doing while the incident took place is still on process. The team has not yet found the details but assures to inspect and evaluate the cause of his death soon.

According to the statement of Dow, during this tough time, the staff and other co-workers of the firm were not in a state to investigate the incident rather their focus was completely on the family members and beloved ones of the deceased worker. Indeed, this traumatic incident has left the entire working staff and other individuals of the Company into a great shock. Not only does the sudden death of one of their colleagues have put the people in an upsetting state but the same has affected the firm to some extent.

Dow further clarified that the Company is seeking professional assistance as well as connecting with all the people involved in the case to fetch maximum details.

Prentiss site is an accommodation to the Polythene plant run by Dow as well as 2 ethylene glycol plants executed by MEGlobal, Dow mentioned in its official website. Apart from that, Dow possesses around 50% rights over the E3 ethylene cracker in Alta, Joffre, managed by Nova Chemical Corporation. The palace is said to be an accommodation to no less than 120 employees of the company.

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