Hundred Years Passed In the World War that took Millions of Lifes

World War I lasted nearly four years in the history of the world changed the world map. This war was fought between 28 July 1914 and 11 November 1918. In this fight, the world saw the picture of destruction which nobody would want to see again. More than five crore people died in this fight.

It participated in three major continents like Europe, Asia and Africa, and it was fought from sea to earth and sky. It was a war in which only the number of the injured was in crores. The four major empires of this world war collapsed in Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary (Hepesburg) and Osmanias. Europe’s boundaries were again determined and by the end, America had emerged as the world’s superpower.

Indian soldiers fought on different fronts In this war, Indian soldiers fought on different fronts in the world. The soldiers of India fought with great power in different battlegrounds, including France and Belgium, Aidin, Arab, East Africa, Gali Poli, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Persia and Slovenia. Two soldiers of the Garhwal Rifles Regiment also received the United States’ highest medal Victoria Cross. Although Germany did not want India to join in the early part of the war, it was included in India. Instead, he was trying to provoke India against Britain.

Congress support to Britain but unlike all this , Congress was supporting Britain for joining this fight. A total of 8 lakh Indian soldiers participated in this fight, in which about 47746 soldiers were killed and 65,000 injured. This war had a very negative impact on India’s economy and it almost reached the brink of bankruptcy.

this World War began with the beginning of this war on 28 June 1914, in Serajevo with the assassination of Austrian throne, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife. A month after this, Austria had declared war on Serbia. In this work, he helped Russia, France, Germany and Britain. Before moving towards France, the Neutral attacked Belgium and Luxembourg, after which Britain declared war against Germany.

By the middle of August 1917 many countries were involved in this war. After 1917, the United States had joined the Allies on this war. The reason for America’s jump in this war was to dump the German Lucitina ship of Germany.

There were some American citizens riding in it. Angered by the incident, the United States had also announced Britain’s involvement in the war. In the year 1918, Britain, France and the United States defeated nations like Germany. On the eve of Germany and Austria, the anniversary of the war was announced on November 11, 1918. But by the time millions of people had lost their lives due to the war.

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