Of George W Bush, Michelle Obama And Candy –Again!

Of George W Bush, Michelle Obama and candy – again! Yes, again. As if once was not enough, he had to go and do it all over again. That too at the State funeral, of his father!

What’s Happening Here?

When George W Bush handed candy to Michelle Obama the first time and he was ‘caught’ on camera in the act, it could have been considered as being ‘caught’. But after being ‘caught’ on camera and getting so much publicity, why will George W Bush do the same thing again? The answer to this is easy – because he wanted to be ‘caught’ handing candy to – Michelle Obama, yet again!

The second question that needs to be raised is, why would George W Bush want to be caught doing the same thing again? The answer to this is also easy – because he wanted the publicity. George W Bush knew he got publicity the first time he handed candy to Michelle Obama. So, he knew, if he did it a second time, he would get publicity again.


Why Does George W Bush Want Publicity?

Now that is a tough cookie to break. But there are other questions looming large after his second pass of candy! The big question that people should now be asking is – was it all staged?


Did George W Bush inform some reporter or camera person, the first time around, that he would be handing candy to Michelle Obama? It would seem so, else, why make such a big deal about an ex-president handing candy to the wife of an ex-president? What’s The Big Deal About It? Why such a big uproar about something so insignificant? Are there no better news stories to cover, that one has to stoop so low as to covering an ex-president handing candy to the wife of an ex-president?


And Then He Goes And Does It Again!

If once was not enough, he does it again. Quite obviously, he loved the publicity, so he went and did it again. And obviously, again, he must have informed some reporter or camera person, about what he was going to do – and quite likely, the exact time that he was going to do it!


And that gives rise to another question – is Michelle Obama ‘in’ on the act too?  So that then would give rise to another question, is Michelle Obama seeking publicity? If yes, why? What does she expect to gain from this kind of cheap publicity?


Hitting The Headlines Again

Once again George W Bush and Michelle Obama got worldwide publicity. Michelle Obama says,

“President Bush and I, we are forever seat mates because of protocol, that’s how we sit at all the official functions so he is my partner in crime at every major thing where all the formers gather. So we’re together all the time, and I love him to death. He’s a wonderful man. He’s a funny man. And it was a simple gesture. He was getting a cough drop from Laura, and I looked over, and I said, ‘hand me a cough drop.’ And he was like ‘oh, okay.’ And I will add that they were old cough drops. That’s the funny thing.”


Which would lead us to another question, why was Michelle Obama asking for cough drops from George W Bush, a second time? If she wanted cough drops so badly, knowing the kind of publicity that was got from this incident, the first time, why did she ask for cough drops a second time? There can be only one answer and that would be – George W Bush and/or Michelle Obama are seeking publicity. Why? Now that would be a question worth probing!

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