Thousands of people were stung by bluebottle jellyfish on Australia Beaches

CANBERRA: Thousands of people were stung by bluebottle jellyfish on Australia Beaches. It Includes Queensland’s Gold and Sunshine coasts  in Australia. Officials said on Monday, 7th January 2018.

Surf Life Saving from Queensland beach reported, over 2,600 people got treated till this weekend. Bluebottle Jellyfish stings are painful but its not life threatening, said by BBC.

Because of weather and strong winds pushed the jellyfish colonies close to shore.

Report said, near about 13,000 stings were counted till the past week. Three times more than in the corresponding period last year.

Most of the incidents happens in Queensland’s highly crowded Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions beaches.

Hot water or ice the best treatment:

Bluebottle jellyfish colonies looks like blue-tinged sacs which is up to 15cm (6 inches) long. Most of the time people stung in the water or on the sand area.The Stings are typically mild and it can be treated with ice or hot water. But if case is intense then it required treatment by paramedics.

Dr Gershwin said the best treatment was quite simple.

“They recommend you rinse well with seawater to rinse away any of the stinging cells still on the skin that haven’t injected venom yet, and then use hot water or ice for the pain.

“Fresh water will actually force the stinging cells to inject more venom, so you really want to wash them away with the seawater before you apply the ice or hot water.”

Surf Life Saving Queensland recommends people ideally place the affected area in warm water for around 20 minutes, or if there is no warm water available, apply an ice pack.

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