Donald Trump Pushes Withdrawal from “Endless” Afghanistan, Syria Wars

Donald Trump, the United States President has confirmed his resolution of pulling the American group out of the much talked ‘endless war’ taking place in Afghanistan and Syria. He reaffirmed his decision in an interview organized by CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ past Sunday. The US president mentioned the high cost of bucks as well as blood after having the troops engaged in fighting in the Endless War. Donald Trump’s remarks look more of warning signs by the US force that a quick United States withdrawal from the battle might lead to renaissance by the ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Mitch McConnell, one of the members of Trump’s Republican group, proposed this measure stating the hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Syria war. The Senate members appreciated the decision and voted for the same. However, it seemed as if Trump wasn’t affected at all with the decisions made by the senate members, this unresponsive behaviour of the US president looks quite strange considering the fact that his assurance to pull back the US troops from the 17-year-old conflict was one of the major reasons of getting him elected.

For the matter of Syria, the US president clarified that 2,000 American troops that were sent in the country to help their local military forces would come back in a short period of time. However, in the same interview, he mentioned the necessity of guarding Israel, especially after declaring the instant decision of backing off. He further mentioned that the entire US troops will be recalled as soon as claimed by the ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

“We are at 99% right now. We will be at 100”, cited Donald Trump, who was anticipated to declare the news on Tuesday, during his State of the Union. According to the sources, the leaders of the Trump Republican group said that a large number of troops have been appropriately directed by the IS in Iraq and Syria. Hence, the country will be able to give a tough fight even if they don’t have the United States Army. Surprisingly, the US president had reacted by calling his intelligence leaders wrong. Trump, on giving the interview to the CBS, seemed to underestimate the hazard of a radical renaissance but cited “we will come back if we have to”.

Even though the US president is looking forward to bringing the American troops back home from this critical war, Trump isn’t willing to give up its support in Iraq. According to this statement, it took the country years to build this amazing base in Iraq and he doesn’t want to give up on it. Trump’s main aim at sending the US troops to Iraq was to protect the country from unpredictable attacks from the Middle East and other sectors. His interview clarified that Trump and his team wanted the US forces back home; however, the US president did not want to call back the troops in the middle of the war and leave either country in trouble.

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