Pi Day celebration

Pi Day came to limelight in 1988, and it has remained as an annual event ever since. It is a significant annual celebration to recognize the significance of the mathematical symbol π (pi) Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi).

Person behind Pi Day celebration

All thanks to Larry Shaw, the physicist who conceived and organized the first Pi Day celebration. Larry Shaw organized the first Pi π at the Exploratorium in San Francisco in 1988. He took the clue from the significance of the uniqueness of the mathematical constant π (pi) calculation. Larry with some of the staff marched around the circular spaces on the inaugural pi day celebration. They were all eating fruit Pies as they marched around .

Pi Day; Why March 14?

Larry Shaw related the calculation of π (227) to month/day calculation. This is concerning the π   (pi) 227 approximation decimal of 3 14 where three is taking to be the month, March, and 14 standing for the day. Hence, the Pi Day celebration comes up on every March 14. This is in the month/day format.

Equally, there is Pi Approximation Day which is observed on July 22 (227) based on the day/month format. The U.S. House of Representatives nonetheless passed a non-binding resolution known as 111 H. Res. 224 on March 12, 2009 officially recognizing March 14, 2009, as National Pi Day.

What is so special about π (Pi)?

Pi (π) has remained a mathematical constant without a definite end to its decimal calculation. Pi is the resulting digits when a circle circumference is divided by its diameter. The past world record of the value of Pi stood at 22 trillion digits until a Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao smashed the world record with her recent 31 trillion digits calculations. Emma achieved this new feat using Google’s cloud computing system. Though 3.14 has been very famous and constant with most world mathematicians more in-depth calculations has further taken Pi far into an infinite length running into multi-trillion digits. Emma Haruka Iwao has promised to dig further in this enigma task

The Fun and the bliss of the Pi Day Celebration

Today, the Pi Day celebration has come to stay with lots of bliss and fun. Pi Day is celebrated in various ways. There are always lots of pies to eat, pie throwing, and talks and discussions on the significance of the π, with people also making fun of the words “Pi” and “Pie.”

Pie Day is widely celebrated across the US in many unique ways. Some great institutions have stamped some of their unique events to coincide with the Pi Day celebration. For instance, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has penciled the mailing of its application decision letters to intending students to be officially delivered online precisely at 6:28 PM on Pi Day. Pi Day equally falls on Albert Einstein’s birthday (March 14). Princeton, New Jersey, always host numerous events to celebrate both Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day. At Princeton organized events, there are lots of pie eating, recitation, and other fun. To add to the Pi Day celebration bliss, many pizza chains offer some special pizzas at $3.14. Several other fast-food chains are selling a variety of pies or a combination of three pies at $3.14 in honor of the Pi Day.

Pi Day in a Pin-Point View

Since Pi is an irrational number, so it has no final or end digit. Additionally, its digits follow no specific pattern, no end. Hence, the Pi Day has come to stay with us, no end. The Pi Day celebration goes on with lots of Pies.

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