Get Out From Venezuela Russia Says Trump

Get Out From Venezuela Russia Says Trump

Get out Russia says Trump, on Saturday, after two air force planes of Russia landed just out of Caracas, with nearly 100 Russian troops in them, including cyber experts, flown in from Russia. Russia sent in its troops to support Venezuela President, Nicolás Maduro. But is Venezuela President, Nicolás Maduro, really the President of Venezuela? Juan Guaidó, opposition leader, declared himself interim president of Venezuela, in January. Russia and China are heavily backing Nicolás Maduro. But America and many South American and European nations support the claim of Juan Guaidó to the presidency.

US Reaction To Russian Troops Landing

US President Donald Trump said while delivering a speech from the White House, while seated alongside Fabiana Rosales, wife of Juan Guaidó, “Russia has to get out.”

Trump also told Fabiana Rosales,

“We are with Venezuela, we are with your husband, as you know, and we are with the people that he represents, which is a big, big majority of the country. What’s happening there should not happen and be allowed to happen anywhere. So we are with you 100 per cent, okay? Please give my regards. It will all work out.”

What Are The Russians Saying?

In retaliation to Donald Trump’s remarks, Russian Ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy Tweeted on Twitter,

“HandsOffVenezuela” and “YankeeGoHome”.

He further went on to say,

“It’s not up to US to decide actions and fate of other countries. “It’s only up to the people of Venezuela and its only legitimate president Nicolas Maduro. We have bilateral relations and agreements with this country which we will honour.”

Why Is Russia’s Stance So?

According to the opinion of experts, Russia is trying to do its best to protect all of the investments it has made in Venezuela. In the past, Russia has given loans to Venezuela, amounting to billions of dollars. Russia has also participated in many joint ventures, in the oil industry of Venezuela. Russia also backs the military of Venezuela President, Nicolás Maduro.

How Is Russia Responding To Donald Trump?

Maria Zakharova, foreign ministry spokeswoman of Russia said

“What does it mean, get out? Is it the tourists who have to get out? Is it the energy companies that have to cancel their contracts? What does it mean, get out? To tell Russia to ‘get out of Venezuela’ is going completely over the top. This is total boorishness on a global scale.” She further added that before telling Moscow to withdraw from Venezuela,

America should pull its troops out of Syria, “Before giving advice to somebody to withdraw from somewhere, the United States should bring to life its own concept of exodus, particularly from Syria.”

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin, Russian President said,

“We do not think that third countries should be concerned about our bilateral relations with some states. We are not interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela in any way… we hope that third countries will follow our example and let Venezuelans decide their own fate.” He added that America also had its presence in many countries in the world, but “no-one tells them where they should be and where they shouldn’t be”.

The State Of Venezuela Today

Years and years of hyperinflation have led to shortages in food and medicine. The economy is in tatters. Plus, the people of Venezuela are now dealing with regular power blackouts, which experts state are due to many years of lack of maintenance and neglect.

In the words of Fabiana Rosales, wife of Juan Guaidó,

“They are trying to break our morale. They want to submerge us in eternal darkness. But let me tell you that there is light, and the light is here. I fear for my husband’s life.”

How Does The US Expect Russia To “Get Out!”?

In the words of US President Donald Trump, “We’ll see. All options are open.”

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