A Rocky Future For ASAP Rocky

A Rocky Future For ASAP Rocky

Yes, it certainly looks like a rocky future for ASAP Rocky. In a video posted to his Instagram account, it was seen that ASAP Rocky and his crew were asking a couple of men not to follow them. ASAP Rocky wrote for the caption of the first video, “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble. They followed us for four blocks.”

Why And Where ASAP Rocky Was Arrested

ASAP Rocky is a 30-year-old ‘Praise The Lord’ hip hop star, who was arrested on suspicion of assault last week, in Stockholm, Sweden, after a concert. Pending trial, the hip hop star is being held at Kronoberg prison.

On Friday, following a hearing, Swedish authorities have decided that they are going to keep ASAP Rocky, for another couple of weeks in prison, pending further investigations. Due to this, ASAP Rocky has had no option but to suspend his tour and he will miss out on the weekend Wireless Festival in London, United Kingdom. This means that the hip hop star will lose about $1 million.

Appalling Jail Conditions

According to reports made by TMZ.com, ASAP Rocky is being held in a prison where the food is “inedible” and the prison itself is “disease-ridden”. TMZ reported that they had been informed by ‘a US Embassy official’, that the hip hop star was being kept in a prison cell, adjacent to an individual with, “Severe mental issues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls feces every which way… feces that are not cleaned up.”

TMZ also claimed that a source had informed them that ASAP Rocky was given a yoga mat to sleep on and he was not even given a blanket. Plus, during the first 5 days in which he was imprisoned, he was given only an apple to eat on each day. And to top it all, he was given drinking water which was not at all clean.

Jail Governor Not In Agreement

The Governor of the jail, Fredrik Wallin, does not agree with these allegations by TMZ and says he cannot comment on individual prisoners, but he further states,

“I am able to talk about the general conditions in the remand prison which apply to all prisoners. I have no knowledge on any current diseases in the remand prison.”

According to Mr. Wallin, all prisoners who are in remand prisons in Sweden, get 3 meals a day. He also said that the sanitation of the prison is taken care of by a professional cleaning company and in case there are any accidents that result in blood being spilt or any food spillages, the cleaning company immediately sees to it that the area is sanitized. Mr. Wallin says, “This is done for the sake of the prisoners as well as for our staff, for them to have decent working conditions.”

What Friends Are Saying

Friends of ASAP Rocky, likeScHoolboy Q, Tyler, Lil Yachty and The Creator, have said that they are going to boycott Sweden.

What Next For ASAP Rocky

After another hearing, if the investigation has not been completed in the time that Swedish authorities had requested initially, ASAP Rocky could be detained for another couple of weeks.

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