Jamal Khashoggi body turned to liquid and poured down drain

The dead body of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was flung into the drain after the melting of acids in acid. The Turkish government’s pro-daily Daily Sabah has written without reference to... Read more »

Hundred Years Passed In the World War that took Millions of Lifes

World War I lasted nearly four years in the history of the world changed the world map. This war was fought between 28 July 1914 and 11 November 1918. In this fight,... Read more »

Migrant Ban To Crossing US-Mexico Border – Trump

Washington, U.S. President Trump on Friday said, he has sign immigration proclamation, an order that will help to ban migrants who cross the United States border with Mexico illegally from qualifying asylum.... Read more »

Bank of Canada Increases Interest Rates to Cope with the Inflation Target

October 24, 2018, the bank, as well as the deposit rate of Bank of Canada, has raised the overnight rate to 1 3/4%. Whilst the current deposit rate is 1 and a... Read more »
trade war

Trade War Deal, China Not Ready Or US?

Trade war deal, China not ready or US? President Donald Trump declared that due to the pressure of policies made by the US, China was seeking a trade deal with him. This... Read more »